Canteen facility is available. Money is something everyone has to deal with sometime or other. It is necessary for Parents to teach their Children the value of money – Saving, Spending and Responsibility.


The Library will be kept open from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm on all working days. Library books will be issued only for Grades 4 & above.


The School transport service will be available for those who would like to avail it, subject to its route being programmed by school authorities.


We provide our students excellent opportunities for their intellectual and emotional growth, fine-tuning their focus on their successful future.

Conference Room

This is where plans put toaction, thought-provoking ideas conceived and foundation set for perfect deliverance.

Special Day Care

Our little toddlers, the most loved members of our growing family are like a box of chocolates and we enjoy each and every moment with them. We, however, do not compromise on their well - being . A glass of protein rich milk and nutrient filled fruits surely give them that extra edge to be bright and cheerful.

Sri Ram Matric Hr Sec School