What is a keyhole router bit used for

A keyhole router bit is a specialized type of router bit that is used to create keyhole-shaped slots or openings in a workpiece. These slots are typically used for hanging or mounting objects on walls, panels, or other surfaces.

The keyhole router bit features a cylindrical shank with a cutting edge at the bottom and a pilot bearing at the top. The cutting edge is usually carbide-tipped for durability and efficient cutting. The pilot bearing, which is mounted above the cutting edge, acts as a guide and determines the size and shape of the keyhole slot.

When using a keyhole router bit, the cutting edge is plunged into the workpiece, and the router is moved along the desired path to create the slot. The pilot bearing runs along the edge of the workpiece, guiding the bit and ensuring a consistent and accurate cut.

Keyhole router bits are commonly used in various woodworking projects and installations. Some common applications include:

1. Wall hangings: Keyhole slots are often created in the back of picture frames, mirrors, shelves, and other wall hangings. The keyhole slots allow these objects to be easily and securely hung on screws or nails protruding from the wall.

2. Cabinet and furniture installations: Keyhole slots can be used to mount cabinets, wall units, and furniture pieces securely to walls. This allows for easy installation, removal, and adjustment of the items.

3. Signage and plaques: Keyhole slots are frequently used in the back of signs, plaques, and nameplates for easy mounting on walls or doors.

4. Coat racks and hooks: Keyhole slots can be incorporated into coat racks, hooks, and other hanging storage solutions to provide a secure and flush mounting option on walls.

The keyhole router bit offers several advantages for these applications. It allows for quick and efficient creation of keyhole slots, providing a clean and professional-looking result. The use of a pilot bearing ensures consistent slot size and shape, making it easy to hang or mount objects in a level and secure manner. Additionally, the bit can be used with various materials, including wood, plastic, and even some metals, making it versatile for different woodworking projects.

When using a keyhole router bit, it is important to follow proper safety precautions. This includes wearing appropriate eye and ear protection, securing the workpiece properly, and using the router and bit according to the manufacturer's instructions.

In summary, a keyhole router bit is specifically designed to create keyhole-shaped slots for hanging or mounting objects. It is a useful tool in woodworking projects where secure and flush mounting is required, such as wall hangings, cabinet installations, signage, and more.